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Kancho Luis A. Ortiz LAOF Kokusai Budo Kai Kan Int'l Fighting Systems
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  • *10th Dan, Free Style/Karate (SMAIF), (USMAASS)
  • *9th Dan Kyokushin Karate-Do (IKKD & MAA Method)
  • *9th Dan LAOF Kyokushin Budo Kan Karate-Do International(Ortiz Method), IKKD & MAA
  • *9th Dan LAOF Kyokushin Budo Kan Karate-Jutsu International (Ortiz Method), IKKD & MAA  
  • *9th Degree Black Belt Combat Full-Contact Kickboxing(SMAIF)
  • *9th Degree Black Belt, MUTKAKIBOX Combat Full Contact /  Kickboxing (USMAASS)
  • *8th Dan, Karate-Jutsu (SMAIF)
  • *8th Dan, Karate-Do (SMAIF)
  • *10th Degree, Kyokushin Free Fighting System (KISDA)
  • *10th Degree Black Belt, KABOKIMUT Art of Self-Defense (KISDA)
  • *8th Degree Black Belt, Full-Contact Karate & Kickboxing (SMAIF)
  • *7th Degree Black Belt Kickboxing (WKBC)
  • *Muay Thai, Certified Senior Instructor by Master Sakasem "the punisher" Kanthawong
  • *Founder & General Instructor/Trainer (15th Khan) of LAOF Muay Thai, recognized by IASBF & ICMAA
  • *Founder & Headmaster/Trainer (15th Degree) of LAOF Muay Thai/Kickboxing System, recognized by IASBF & ICMAA
  • Founder of Kyokushin Budo International System(Martial Arts International), recognized by WUSA
  • *Founder of Kyokushin Budo International Organization (Ortiz Group), recognized by IASBF & ICMAA 
  • *Kyokushin Fighting System, Kyoshi, Master/Trainer, 8th Dan (USMAASS)
  • *Founder of Kancho Luis A. Ortiz Kokusai Budo Kai Kan,10th Dan (LAMAM & GSC)
  • * Founder of Kancho Luis A. Ortiz Kokusai Karate-Do & Kobudo Kai Kan,10th Dan (LAMAM & GSC)
  • *Founder of Kancho Luis A. Ortiz Kokusai Shin Kakuto Jitsu Kai Kan,10th Dan (LAMAM & GSC)
  • Founder of  Kancho Luis A. Ortiz Kokusai Goshin Jitsu Kai Kan,10th Dan (IKKD & MAA)
  • *Teaching Licenses: Renshi, Shihan, Kyoshi, Hanshi
  • *LAOF Sokkyo Ryu Budo Int'l Fighting System Soke, 10th Dan (USMAASS)
  • *LAOF Sokkyo Ryu Karate International, Soke, 10th Dan (USMAASS), (WKKO)
  • *LAOF Sokkyo Ryu Shin Bujutsu Int'l, Soke(WUSA)
  • *LAOF Sokkyo Ryu Shin Budo Int'l, Soke (WUSA)
  • *LAOF Sokkyo Ryu Karate International, Soke, 10th Dan (IASBF) 
  • *Founder of LAOFKAN Budo Int'l Fighting System, Kancho, 10th Dan (ICMAFASS)
  • *LAOFKAN Karate-Do International, Kancho, 10th Dan (IASBF)
  • *Founder of LAOFKAN Free Style, Full-Contact "Knockdown Karate" & Kickboxing System Kancho,10th Dan (ICMAFASS)*Founder of LAOFKAN Free Style, Combat Full-Contact Kickboxing System Kancho,10th Dan (ICMAFASS)
  • *Founder of LAOFKAN Kobudo & Martial Arts Weapons System Int'l, Kancho, Judan(10th Dan)
  • * Triple XXX Knife Tactics Instructor 2nd Level (USDI)
  • *Close Quarter Defense Tactics, Instructor
  • *International Kung Fu Chuan Shen Tao, Black Belt 10th Tuan (Honorary)
  • *Member of the Universal Black Belt Society of Martial Arts
  • *Ph. D. Doctor in Martial Arts Science & Education by the Asian Grandmaster's Association (Honorary)
  • *Founder & Supreme Grand Master of LAOF Int'l Martial Arts & Fighting Systems, Red/Gold Belt, (WUSA)
  •  *Founder & Supreme Grand Master of MUTSAKAJUKIBOX Kickboxing / CQC-SD Int'l, Red/Gold Belt (WUSA)
  • *Goju Singh-Kai Karate Do, 10th Dan Black Belt (IGSKKDA)
  • *Combat Jujitsu/Self Defense, 10th Dan Black Belt (JJFW)
  • *Budo-Ninjutsu(Survival Technique),10th Dan (WICMAS)
  • * Hand to Hand Combat (Nepal Arts), 10th Dan Black Belt (WICMAS)
  • *Ortiz-Ryu Martial Arts International, Soke (WUSA), (ICMAS)
  • *Ortiz-Ryu Shin Budo International, Soke (WUSA), (ICMAS)
  • *Ortiz-Ryu Shin Bujutsu International, Soke (WUSA), (ICMAS)
  • Kokusai Oyama Bushi Karate Kai Kan, Kancho, 10th Dan (RDLIMAA)