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Carlos Velez II Book!
Title of the book:
Budo Gokui (best kept secrets of the martial arts)

Carlos Velez II

Telephone number:
(954) 530-2606



Kyoshi Luis Morales Martial Arts Book!

The Sub Arts-Arts Guide Book
Theories on the Sub Arts of Karate
Tuide-jutsu (Grab Hand Art) & Kyusho-jutsu (Vital Points Art)

Luis Morales

Cost: $29.95
plus $4.00 shipping

Luis Morales
Mosholu Community Center
3450 Dekalb Avenue
Bronx, New York 10467


*BUDO GOKUI (best kept secrets of the martial arts) Carlos Velez book!

Febraury 2006 is the release date of my book, Budo Gokui (best kept secrets of the martial arts). This publication is selection of some of my best work, interviews of Martial Arts personalities of Puerto Rico and USA. Some of them are: Edwin Hernandez (Okinawa Kempo), Roberto Rioz and Fred Buck (Kyokushin Kai), George Jackson (Kajukenbo), Carlos Montalvo (Goju), Carmelo Munet (Kung Fu), Antonio Pereira (Miyama Ryu Jujitsu), Willaim Oliver (Seido Juku), John Mullin, Thomas La Pupett and Hector Sotomayor (Shotokan), Miguel Ibarra (Jujitsu), Carlos Lopez (Sogoteki Karate), Feliz Vazquez ( Ninjitsu), and more, many more.

This book is a reality thanks to the "push" and insistence of some of you for never, In my wildest dreams I thought of writing one, with the Martial Arts fans in mind both (the enthusiast and trainee) is that I decided on doing this. My intention is for the reader to learn who are the ones that started to walk the DO, the way that we have followed. For me this DO has been a beatiful one full of unforgettable moments and experiences, with the privilege of meeting some of the best martial artists and teachers and still maintain a very unique relationship with most of them. Again I repeat, it has been a privilege to serve the martial arts community.

Effective and inmedaitely and until february of 2006, I will be accepting pre-paid copies of the book. Please, send bank or post office money (SORRY NO PERSONAL CHECKS) for $25.00 US dollars (includes shipping).

Address: Carlos Velez II, 4802 NW 49th Rd, Tamarac FL 33319 USA.

Telephone: 954-530-2606