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Get a quick quote on what an awesome Logo design will cost you.

How it works the Logo Design  process


1. Fill out the design requirements questionnaire. This should only take you a few minutes. You can give me as much information as you like. Obviously, i can sharpen up your logo design much quicker the more information you provide.  Click Here

2. Make your payment. This is completely secure.

3. Emailing initial logo designs for review. In just 6 working days we will email you two initial logo concepts for your review. I can modify your chosen design to make it perfect or i can have a further discussion to see where you want to go with the logo ideas. This is a perfectly normal part of the process of creating business logos. Working together as a team we can refine ideas to produce the perfect logo design for your company, your business and your market.
4. Provision of finished logo design. I will provide your finished logo design in every possible file format to cover any potential use of your new logo, in print, in advertising or on the Internet. I will always retain your logo design files for safe keeping so that, in the event of a PC crash or a catastrophic network failure at your end, your original logo design files are always just an email away.
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